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Dramatically boost the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

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The Platform

30x Increase in Efficiency

Influans provides a turnkey, self service cloud platform that increases
thirtyfold the efficiency of digital marketing through the use of the most
advanced big data and machine learning technologies. The Influans
Platform connects to your commerce solution in a few clicks and extracts
relevant data. Influans’ sophisticated engine then processes this data to
compute the Consumer Graph, from which is produced The Offer.

Sounds simple? That's because it is. The Influans Platform is the most
advanced digital marketing engine out there, but all the complexity is
hidden under the covers

The Offer

You Need to be relevant

At it's core, the Influans Platform produces The Offer, which is designed to make the best use of the limited attention span you can get from an individual.

"Summarized in a few words, The Offer is the right deal, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel."
Consumer Graph

Because you’re not a Data Scientist

Influans’ Consumer Graph collects and processes relevant data to produce actionable insights. On the surface, the
concepts are simple: Influans connects to your commerce solution and ingests all relevant data points related to
consumers’ profile, transactions, behavior and environment. From there, the most advanced big data and machine
learning technologies are used to process, reconcile and enrich all that information and produce The Offer.

Under the covers, hidden from you, that’s where the rocket science resides...

The advanced platform built by Influans includes the latest and most advanced big data and
machine learning technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Mahout, Kafka, etc. Influans’ big
data experts and data scientists make the benefits of these tools available to you.


Highest Return on Investment

Tailored by the Influans platform, The Offer is delivered to your targeted
consumers through a broad and coordinated set of channels.


From Marketing to Revenue

The control center of the Influans Platform provides you full control from design to monitoring and analysis of
your relationship with the consumer. A consolidated dashboard to control all aspects of marketing technologies,
it provides direct efficiency and the productivity of every marketing activity, and even shows the actual
revenue generated by the Influans Platform.

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