Innovation in an overcrowded space

By Fabrice Bonan on Nov 4, 2016

When Elon Musk launched the first electric sports car in 2008, automakers in Detroit were probably smirking about this Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was pretending to disrupt their market. But when the Tesla Model 3 raked 325,000 reservations in the first week after its launch, I bet they were paying a lot more attention.

In a sense, the MarTech industry is very similar to the automotive industry. Offerings range from cheap products that barely take you from point A to point B, all the way to super expensive solutions that require a team of specialists to make it run and maintain it. It is also a space where little focus has been placed on ease of use, on bringing space-age technology to any user. You want a car that will take you to the moon – then buy yourself a rocketship! Or, just stay on your dirt road.

The Tesla wasn’t the first electric car. It wasn’t the first car with a superb interior. But it was the first electric car with real horsepower under the hood, with enough capacity to drive a couple hundred kilometers, with a user-friendly interface that looks space age, and that comes at an affordable price (the Model 3 won’t cost more than a typical BMW).

In MarTech, more than 6,500 products have been inventoried. That’s probably a similar order of magnitude than the number of car brands/types/models that can be purchased in the US or in Europe. And yet, Influans came along, with a bold claim: we are going to change the game, to make MarTech efficient, to put the best technologies in the hands of every marketer, every retailer – big or small.

Tesla has proven that there is always space for innovation, even in a crowded space. Influans is simply following in their footsteps!