Influans: a new venture, a new model

By Bertrand Diard on Jul 1, 2016

When I handed over the operational management of Talend to a new executive team in 2014, I guess it was clear in everyone’s mind - including mine - that I would be back in the game at some point, with a new project.

Clearly, we saw it every day at Talend, data has taken a prominent place in business. With more and more data that is generated every day, businesses understand the need to make data driven decisions. At Talend, we were helping companies pull data from different sources, cleanse and match it to make it available for them to try to drive insight through analysis. We gave them the means to build product or customer-centric hubs from their Big Data environments, and I believe we had a direct impact in their ability to exploit the data efficiently.

But Talend requires IT to implement. What I wanted to do, is stretch the envelope on this Big Data concept, make it directly available to the business. And this is the seed that lead us (myself and my partners-in- crime who believed in the same idea) to imagine the Influans Consumer Graph - the core of our new technology.

An idea cannot lead to a successful business without a market… and looking around at businesses, it did not take long for us to suspect that an industry settling on “return rates” ranging from 1% to 2%… maybe 3% for the best would benefit from the “data-driven” paradigm and our eyes settled on MarTech where “uberization” has yet to happen.

So here we are, betting on the latest technologies and innovative concepts to put the power of Big Data associated with Machine Learning into the hands of the marketers. The Influans promise is simple: it allows marketers to interact seamlessly with a unique technology stack and helps them run campaigns that are 30 times more efficient than what they are doing today!

And because it was really fun to disrupt the data management market with the open source model, we will be shaking up the MarTech market this time. Influans features a $0 setup, $0 license: a pure transaction-based pricing model… So get ready for a new, exciting ride!