A rewarding week in terms of experience sharing

By Bertrand Diard on Oct 6, 2016

Last week has been a very rewarding week in terms of sharing my experience with other startupers (but not only) around the challenges French entrepreneurs face, some of the successes I am proud of, but most importantly about the amazing opportunities that are open to all.

Sharing with startupers and entrepreneurs: I was invited to participate to two panels/interviews: one during the graduation ceremony for the French Tech Pass class of 2016, and the other during France Digitale Day 2016. On both occasions, we discussed how to develop a global company, the challenges of hypergrowth, etc. Other participants included Jean-Baptiste Rudelle (Criteo), Frederic Mazzela (BlaBlaCar) and Gilles Chetelat (stickyADS.tv).

Sharing with politicians: During FDDay, I was also invited to attend a lunch with French presidential candidate and former prime minister Alain Juppé. Along with other entrepreneurs such as Xavier Niel (Free) and Céline Lazorthes (Leetchi), we hammered home several points, including the critical importance of supporting the emergence of investment funds “Made in France” to help French startups grow faster.

Sharing with a broader audience: TV anchor Frederic Simottel invited me to his weekly show 01 Business during which we discussed the Talend success, the actions that TECH IN France is taking to promote a digital-focused program for the upcoming French election, and of course the disruption Influans is bringing to digital marketing. I was also interviewed during FDDay by Frenchweb.fr TV on the topic of bouncing back and learning from failure.

If there is one lesson to remember from all these discussions and interviews, it’s this one: we have in France a formidable entrepreneurship ecosystem, one that lets us built world-class leaders. And because of this, after the success of Talend, we have now embarked on a new adventure, and this adventure is called Influans. And we will make it big. Really big. Just watch.